A Closer Look at Dockless Fees and If Operators Can Make a Profit

During the Wednesday, November 7 D.C. Bicycle Advisory Council (BAC) meeting, the group discussed the proposed District Department of Transportation (DDOT) regulatory framework of rules regarding dockless bike sharing right-of-way permitting and related DDOT fees for potential operators.

According to the D.C. Register, the proposed rule-making would amend Title 24 of the D.C. transportation regulations to establish a public right-of-way occupancy permit program to manage the dockless vehicle operating companies and establish permit fees for dockless vehicle operating companies who operate in the public right-of-way. It appears that DDOT has posted the application procedure in anticipation of approval. Presumably, the new permit rules would apply to scooters but they would require a separate permit. You should look at the proposed rule yourself and submit comments - your opinion is as good as anyone else.

So what are the impacts of DDOT's permit fees? Can dockless operators affor…

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