The Bike Estate - October 12, 2016

The Bike Estate scours local blogs and government websites for information about bike facilities in new or recently opened residential or commercial buildings. The following are recently-filed development applications with the Zoning Commission.
  • Forest City proposed plans for the construction of a 10-story mixed-use building containing residential apartments on the upper floors, neighborhood-oriented retail uses on the ground floor and two levels of below-grade parking.

    The as-yet-unnamed project located near at 2nd and Tingey Streets SE at the Navy Yard will contain a total of 133 bike parking spaces. Of that amount, 24 are short-term U-racks at street level along the perimeter of the site in public space. Additionally, the project will include secure long-term bicycle parking totaling 109 spaces in a parking garage. A total of 87 long-term bicycle parking spaces are planned in private space, with 73 bicycle parking spaces are planned for the residential component, two bicycle parking spaces for the retail component and twelve bicycle spaces for a future hotel component.

    According to DDOT's project review, the developer has noted that they plan to provide an onsite bicycle repair facility and are working on an agreement with the nearby Conte Bikes store to provide bicycle repair services for residents and the general public in The Yards Park area.

  • The Washington Gateway project proposal from MidAtlantic Reality Partners (MRP) shoe-horns two towers of residential and commercial developments between the Metropolitan Branch trail and the Elevation residential development at 100 Florida Avenue NE, near the intersection of Florida and New York Avenue NE.

    Fairly narrow Washington Gateway Site, which parallels the
    Metropolitan Branch Trail on the right.
    Image: MRP
    According to the Planned Unit Development (PUD), the project will provide "significant upgrades to the Metropolitan Branch Trail (the "Trail"); connectivity between the Trail, the project, and the Metrorail Station; and a new Metropolitan Branch Trial Atrium".

    The project proposes a two-story, public bicycle lobby that contains a grand staircase with a bike trough (ramp) that allows riders to easily access the plaza located on the ground floor. In addition to bike storage, the estimated $1.2 million bike lobby will have space designated for information about the trail and surrounding neighborhoods, station maps, an automatic bike tire pump, drinking fountain, and bicycle racks. The trail will also receive $150,000 of paving and lighting improvements paid for by the developer.

    As part of the construction agreement, a temporary connection between the plaza at the Elevation and Metropolitan Branch Trail will remain open. 
  • A proposed 300 Morse Street mixed-used development from KF Morse, LLC will be constructed in multiple phases and consisting of approximately 63,000 square feet (sf) of retail space, 1,238 residential units, and 217,558 sf of office space. Built in two phases, with the total project containing over 900 bicycle parking spaces. Phase 1 will contain a total of 555 secure long-term bicycle parking spaces, phase 2 will include 360 long-term spots. Additional short‐term bicycle parking will be supplied within the interior and perimeter of the site.

  • The development plans to extend the proposed 4th Street protected bike lane that will enter the site from the proposed Morse Street NE extension before turning north along the alley. This should link it to DDOT’s proposed extension of a trail along New York Avenue NE. The 10 foot wide protected bike lane within the alley will include a curbed buffer separating it from the vehicular traffic. The project plan also includes bicycle repair stations in its bicycle rooms as well as in public areas. 
    Item number 6, (area in green above "The Alley") is a 10-foot protected bike lane that could lead to
    future connection to a New York Avenue NE trail.
    Image: KF Morse, LLC 
  • 810 O Street NW will replace the Scripture Cathedral, located approximately two blocks from the Mount Vernon Square Metrorail Station. The proposed plan submitted to the Zoning board includes an eight story mixed-use building with 66 residential units and 6,879 sq ft of retail. The parking garage contains 66 vehicular spaces as well as 22 secure bicycle parking spaces for residents and retail employees as well as some parking on the adjacent sidewalk near the project.