The Bike Estate - November 30, 2016

Artistic representation of 4620 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Image: Urban Investment Partners

The Bike Estate scours local blogs and government websites for information about bike facilities in new or recently opened residential or commercial buildings. The following are recently-filed development applications with the Zoning Commission.

National Bank of Washington

The long vacant National Bank of Washington at 14th and G Streets NW filed preliminary plans for the construction of office and retail space with the Board of Zoning Adjustment to construct an addition to the landmark National Bank of Washington.

The building was to become a museum dedicated to the Armenian genocide; however, a legal battle between the family that owned the building and developers caused years of delays. Eventually, the legal issuers were resolved in 2014.

Image: Lincoln Property

Plans call for a total of 58 bike parking spaces: 44 long-term bike parking spaces, with additional 9 spaces, shower and locker facilities located on the first basement floor. An additional 5 short-term spaces will be located on G Street NW. (Urban Turf)

4620-4626 Wisconsin Avenue NW

At 4620 Wisconsin Avenue NW in Tenlytown, Urban Investment Partners issued a Planned Unit Development application for a project that will contain 130 to 140 residential units and 12,000 square feet of retail. The project also contains 74 vehicular parking spaces and approximately 92 bicycle parking spaces.

Image: Urban Investment Partners

According to the project application, bicycle usage will will be integrated into the design and including 75 long term spaces and 7 short term spaces for residential use and 3 long term spaces and 7 short term spaces for retail use.

The diagram above shows the first level parking garage with 15 residential bike parking spaces at the rear of the building in the alley, 57 spaces along Wisconsin Avenue and 3 retail-only bike parking spaces. the residential spaces appear to have secure access. (Bisnow)