Second Notice of Rulemaking Document for Vision Zero Issued

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) issued its Notice of Second Proposed Rulemaking - Vision Zero. The revised rules reflect how Mayor Bowser will implement the Vision Zero initiative, which aims to reduce the number of transportation-related fatalities to zero by the year 2024.

The proposed rules were initially published in the D.C. Register on December 11, 2015 (62 DCR 15865) and after public feedback, a second version of the proposed rules were issued January 20, 2017.

According to the document, the second iteration "reduces the amount of fines for certain moving violations, adds increased fines or new infractions for dangerous behavior by pedestrians and cyclists, reduces the effective hours of certain safe zones, and clarifies technical language".

D.C. Council will review this version of the Vision Zero rules over the next 45 days. After which, the new rules will be deemed approved Council does not approve or disapprove the proposed rules by resolution within the review period.


The rules propose an assortment of changes that include increasing points toward the revocation or suspension of a driver license if motorists fail to drive cautiously. It includes strengthening rules regarding traveling around emergency vehicles; yielding to buses; and speed restrictions around schools, recreational facilities, and senior centers.

Also included is a motor vehicle equipment provision the requires side guards for large vehicles. This large plastic shield reduces or prevents pedestrians and bicyclists from being run over, pushing them from beneath these vehicles. This rule is primarily in response to the death of Alice Swanson, who was killed after being hit by a truck in 2008.


The rule will primarily be enforced by expanding current or creating new fines. Below are new or revised fines for Bicycle, Pedestrian, and Motor Vehicles. You can see the enter list of fines here.