The Bike Estate - Strand Residences in Deanwood Adds 86 Units of Affordable Housing and 38 Bike Parking Spaces

The Stand Residences hopes to revitalize Nannie Helen  Burrow Burroughs Avenue
Rendering:  The Warrenton Group

The Bike Estate scours local blogs and government websites for information about bike facilities in new, recently opened, or planned residential or commercial buildings. The following is recently-filed development applications with the D.C. Zoning Commission.

According to Urban Turf, the replacement of the Lincoln Heights / Richardson Dwellings communities in Ward 7 will contain an 86-unit mixed-use development near the Strand Theater at 5129 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue in Deanwood.

The Strand Residences, a long-planned development, includes approximately 17,000 sqft of buildings along Nannie Helen Burroughs and Division Avenues. One six-floor building contains one and two-bedroom units. Plans also call for new ground-floor commercial space and the renovation of the decades-vacant historic Strand Theater, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, adjacent to the project site.

26 Bike parking spaces are along the wall closest to the Theater
Rendering:  The Warrenton Group

With regard to bicycling, the project appears to have adopted a more progressive position.  Located less than 500 feet from Marvin Gaye Park; the 1.6 mile Watts Branch; Washington Parks and People's Riverside Center, HD Woodson High School and its Aquatic Center; and the Marvin Gaye Trail; the current plans call for a total of 38 indoor bicycle parking spaces, with 29 for long-term and 5 short-term spaces for residents. The site plan has four indoor short-and-long term spaces for community and retail use.

While the plan suggests that bike parking is secure, it does not provide details on controlled entrances, lighting or other amenities like a repair station. Also, the plan does not appear to include outdoor bike parking or bikeshare. The bicycle parking is located on the ground floor and shares that space with 17 vehicle spaces.